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  • ◆◆ Keisuke Carnival ◆◆

    【Kesuke, it's me, all together Kesuke Carnival】

    This is Keisuke, the chairman of the show! Mitsuaki Mezaki (Keisuke, Keisuke Kuwata's official impersonator)Asakusa, the town of comedians and the Mecca of Japanese entertainment, is the place where we decided to hold this event to breathe new life into the entertainment scene!  We will be holding our mont...

  • ◆◆ STAS revue 2024 Spring Dance ◆◆
    Date: April 27 (Saturday)

    ◆◆ STAS revue 2024 Spring Dance ◆◆

    Date: April 27 (Saturday)1st dance from 13:002nd show from 15:303rd performance from 19:00Place: Asakusa Hana Gekijo (inside Hanayashiki)

  • 2022 Asakusa Higashi Honganji Hoto Night ... Wishing for peace in Myanmar ...
    Asakusa Higashi Honganji Introducing the June event!

    Hoto Night × "Peace in the world Buddhist law spread" — Wishing for peace in Myanmar —<overview>In 2022, the night of Hoto, the predicament continues even now under the military government."Charity event" to support Myanmar peopleIt will be held at the same time.<Contents>[6/5 18:30]・ Hoto Night + Joint...

  • Sumida River Walk & Tokyo Mizumachi
    A new road from Asakusa to Skytree! I walked Sumida River Walk & Tokyo Mizumachi!

    A new road from Asakusa to Tokyo Sky Tree!

    First of all, I walked "Sumida River Walk" from Asakusa!

  • Tokyo Mizumachi
    New downtown community spot

    Let's walk around Tokyo Mizumachi!

    A new downtown community spot created under the elevated Tobu Skytree Line.A community-based hostel that meets domestic and international accommodation demandA new type of restaurant that integrates with the environment of the park and the river,An open facility where you can enjoy a cafe along with sports.By the wa...

  • Fuji Festival 2019 June 1st, 2nd
    “Let’s watch, listen and taste it!” Why not go to the temple?

    The 2020 Fuji Festival has been canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.❖ Fuji Matsuri (Wisteria Festival) 2019 ❖Date and time: June 1st, 2nd (Saturday and Sunday) 10:00-16:00Place: Jodo Shinshu sect Higashi Hongan-ji school head temple, The Headquarters of the Jodo Shinshu Higashi Honganji SectA...

  • Shironekotei Nekosuke
    Shironekotei Nekosuke has become the image character of Asakusa Navi!

    Shironekotei Nekosuke has become the image character of Asakusa Navi!What is a Shironekotei Nekosuke?Virtual rakugo enthusiast "Shironekotei Nekosuke".Born in 1603 and is 417 years old.I like rakugo and talk about it.My favorite show is "Showten"Favorite food is "Ningyouyaki"My motto is "I'm lucky for the laughing ...

  • ■ History of Asakusa Sensoji Temple ■

    ■ History of Asakusa Sensoji Temple ■The gate of Asakusa Temple "Thunder gate".    We call"Kaminarimon".Kamirarimon (Thunder Gate), the main gate of SensojiKaminarimon (Thunder Gate), the main gate of Sensoji represents Asakusa. The official name is Furaijinmon (god of wind and thunder).  Fujin (go...

  • How to visit Asakusa Sensoji Temple.
    Let's have benefit with Kannon's mercy power.

    Show you how to visit Asakusa Sensoji Temple.Before that…What is Kannon of Sensoji?Kannon's mercy power is a power spot that will help people in need.· Fight luck up. It brings money luck to live.· Luck of life · Opening the path. The marriage of life fulfillment. It will save you from unhappiness.· Relaxation of m...

  • Fuji Festival
    “Let’s watch, listen and taste it” Why not go to temple?

    ◆ Fuji Matsuri (Wistaria Festival) ◆Date and time: June 2nd, 3rd (Saturday and Sunday) 10: 00-15: 00Place: Jodo Shinshu sect Higashi Hongan-ji school head temple, Higashi Hongan-ji TempleAccess: 1-5-5 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, JapanWhat is "Fuji Matsuri"?It has bee...

  • ◆◆  Events in Asakusa  ◆◆
    Events in Asakusa

    The New Year's visit "Hatsumode" on 1st January

    Asakusa Sensoji is the oldest temple in Tokyo.The New Year's visit to Sensoji Temple where Tokyo Skytree can be seen is beautiful in the main temple, five-storied pagoda, Hozomon, Kaminarimon light up.

  • Teach you! Shortcut from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree!

    We will introduce shortcuts from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree with photographs! For you Asakusa travel.

  • Information on exchange offices

    Currency Exchange Information

    We will teach you Asakusa exchange office.

  • Edo old-fashioned story
    ~ Enjoy the Edo emotion ~ Introduction of the highlight !

    ~ Enjoy the Edo emotion ~ Introduction of the highlight !

    Schedule: November 3 (public holiday), 4 (Sat) & 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun)Time: 11: 00 ~ 16: 00Place: Asakusa Sushi street / Kaminarimon Yanagikoji / Asakusa Hanayashiki streetEdo era when various Japanese culture blossomed.It is an event of 4 days to enjoy and experience the Edo emotions.There are many spots to instag...

  • Sightseeing course recommended by Asakusa Navi.

    Sightseeing course recommended by Asakusa Navi.

    One day sightseeing course recommended by Asakusa Navi.Show you the wonderful shops and sights of Asakusa.Introducing the stamp rally store.

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