Tokyo Mizumachi
New downtown community spot
  • Let's walk around Tokyo Mizumachi!

    Let's walk around Tokyo Mizumachi!
    A new downtown community spot created under the elevated Tobu Skytree Line.
    A community-based hostel that meets domestic and international accommodation demand
    A new type of restaurant that integrates with the environment of the park and the river,
    An open facility where you can enjoy a cafe along with sports.

    By the way, only the stores as of the end of 2020.8 are introduced.
    I will introduce it as needed when it opens.
  • Under the Skytree Line elevated lined with fashionable shops

    Under the Skytree Line elevated lined with fashionable shops
    Tokyo Mizumachi is located between the spacious and newly developed Sumida Park on the Sumida Ward side and the Kitajukken River.
    Fashionable shops are lined up under the elevated.

    Let's go from the West Zone!
  • Cafe dining LAND_A

    Cafe dining LAND_A
    Cafe dining that can be enjoyed by a wide range of generations from morning to dinner with the concept of "safety and security"!
    There is also a terrace where you can have a BBQ, so you can enjoy a scene where people gather and a little drink!
    At the entrance, we will also hold a marche of fresh vegetables and ingredients of contract farmers who are also used in restaurants.
  • Design product KONCENT

    Design product KONCENT
    We deliver products that have been created with various companies and production areas, including products originating from the original brand “+ d” of h concept.
    KONCENT is a design platform that connects people who create things, people who make things, and people who use them.
  • Japanese sweets and sweets shop Ichiya

    Japanese sweets and sweets shop Ichiya
    A sweets shop operated by Ichiya, a popular Japanese sweets shop in Hikifune.
    You can enjoy the sweetness of the Shiratama parfait, which is carefully handmade by craftsmen one by one, and the shaved ice depending on the season.
    You can also take home the special Daifuku and Dorayaki.

    A lifestyle shop based on surf and motorcycle culture from Australia opens for the first time in East Tokyo.
    It has a cozy cafe, selected apparel and various faces.
    We also have a take-out menu and a great lunch set.
  • Bakery cafe Muya

    Bakery cafe Muya
    A new store operated by the popular "Bread and Espresso" in Omotesando, Tokyo.
    You can enjoy the proud bread "Mu" and espresso not only for takeout but also in the store.
  • Mitsume-dori in front

    Mitsume-dori in front
    At the end of the waist zone, you will see Mitsume-dori in front of you ... you have to cross!
    That! There is no pedestrian crossing!

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but turn right on Mitsume-dori in front of you and cross the guard.
  • Genmori Bridge intersection

    Genmori Bridge intersection
    Turn left at the Genmoribashi intersection and cross the pedestrian crossing.
    Turn left at TOYOTA in front of you, cross the guard, and turn right.
    You can see the East Zone beside the guard.

    Then to the East Zone!
  • Family mart

    Family mart
    Beyond Wise Owl Hostels River Tokyo, which is currently under construction, you will find FamilyMart.

    We have 9 eat-in seats where you can relax and relax, proposing a cafe-like space where people can gather.
    We provide convenience store functions and convenience to help you stay comfortable.
  • Laundry agency / coin laundry WASH & FOLD

    Laundry agency / coin laundry WASH & FOLD
    For daily laundry, please leave it to "WASH&FOLD".
    The staff will divide the daily laundry into individual ones, wash them with water (WASH), dry them, and fold them by hand (FOLD).
    There is also a coin laundry machine and a cleaning reception in the store.
  • Naruto heya

    Naruto heya
    There is a "Naruto heya" on the other side of the road.
    Former Ozeki Kotooshu took the name of the 15th generation "Naruto" in February 2015, and in April 2017 it was established as a separate family from the Sadogatake room.

    The Naruto heya is looking for new disciples.
    It doesn't matter if you have no experience in sumo or sports.
    We will teach sumo from 1 according to the individuality of each wrestler.
    Room tours and lessons are also welcome. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Dosukoi vending machine

    Dosukoi vending machine
    Break time if you get tired of walking in the east zone!
  • Sky Tree coming soon

    Sky Tree coming soon
    The Sky Tree is just around the corner!
    Let's walk along the Tobu Skytree Line ~
  • Arrived!
    how was it? Sumida River Walk and Tokyo Mizumachi.
    A new and fun walking course that connects Asakusa and Sky Tree.
    Some shops haven't opened yet, but it will be a hot walk area.
    The new store is coming again!

    It's a little old, but check out the shortcut version ~

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