Sumida River Walk & Tokyo Mizumachi
A new road from Asakusa to Skytree! I walked Sumida River Walk & Tokyo Mizumachi!
  • A new road from Asakusa to Tokyo Sky Tree!

    A new road from Asakusa to Tokyo Sky Tree!
    First of all, I walked "Sumida River Walk" from Asakusa!
  • Start from Kaminarimon!

    Start from Kaminarimon!
    Looking at Kaminarimon in front of you, turn right toward Azumabashi.
  • From Kaminarimon to the right

    From Kaminarimon to the right
    You can see Tokyo Sky Tree and Asahi Breweries headquarters.
    By the way, the Asahi Breweries headquarters has the image of draft beer.
  • Tokyo Rickshaw ticket office

    Tokyo Rickshaw ticket office
    If you walk toward Azumabashi, you will see the ticket office of the Asakusa rickshaw "Tokyo Rickshaw".
    It is a rickshaw to which the major unit "Tokyo Rickshaw" composed of the husband of Tokyo Rickshaw belongs.
  • Behind the Azumabashi West police box toward Sumida River

    Behind the Azumabashi West police box toward Sumida River
    Go along the Sumida River through the left side of the Tokyo Cruise Water Bus boarding area behind the Azumabashi West police box.
  • While looking at the Sky Tree on your right ...

    While looking at the Sky Tree on your right ...
    Proceed along the Sumida River while looking at the Tokyo Sky Tree and Sumida Ward Office on your right.
    This is Sumida Park, which becomes a famous place for cherry blossoms in spring.
  • Sumida River Walk entrance slope!

    Sumida River Walk entrance slope!
    You can see the stairs and slopes when you pass through the Tobu Skytree Line guard.
    This is the riverwalk entrance.
  • Sumida River Walk

    Sumida River Walk
    came! Sumida River Walk!
    I'm looking forward to it because the weather is nice.
  • Straight! This is on the Sumida River!

    Straight! This is on the Sumida River!
    A straight pedestrian bridge parallel to the Tobu Skytree Line.
    You can see the wheels of the vehicles on the Skytree Line, you can see the Sumida River from the glass floor in the middle of the pedestrian bridge, and you can enjoy looking for hidden Sorakara-chan.
  • Sumida River

    Sumida River
    It is directly above the Sumida River. People who are afraid of heights or who are not good at swimming may be a little shrugged ...
    In the summer, there are fireworks and lanterns, but usually houseboats, cruise ships, and the Sumida River, which is full of events.
  • Holy Land of Lovers

    Holy Land of Lovers
    Recommended photo spot with the plate of the lover's sanctuary in the background-Yumi Katsura-
  • Looking at the upper reaches of the Sumida River ~

    Looking at the upper reaches of the Sumida River ~
    Under the iron bridge that you don't usually see.
    The Sumida River over the iron bridge is another good angle!
    A little funny!
  • Genmori River Water Gate

    Genmori River Water Gate
    The source Morikawa water gate is in front of you.
    It is a roller gate type floodgate with a width of 11 meters installed at the connection point between the Sumida River and the Kitajukken River.
  • Nice timing!

    Nice timing!
    The Tobu Skytree Line Limited Express Ryomo has arrived!
    Nice timing with the Sky Tree in the background!
    It would have been better if there was no backside of the Metropolitan Expressway ~
  • Arrived at Tokyo Mizumachi side
    The opening time of Sumida River Walk is from 7:00 to 22:00.
    Tolls are free.
    Bicycles can only be pushed by hand and are a basic walk.
    Thank you for your hard work!

    Let's go to Tokyo Mizumachi!

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