Shironekotei Nekosuke
Shironekotei Nekosuke has become the image character of Asakusa Navi!

  • Shironekotei Nekosuke has become the image character of Asakusa Navi!


    What is a Shironekotei Nekosuke?

    Virtual rakugo enthusiast "Shironekotei Nekosuke".

    Born in 1603 and is 417 years old.

    I like rakugo and talk about it.

    My favorite show is "Showten"

    Favorite food is "Ningyouyaki"

    My motto is "I'm lucky for the laughing gate"

    I will do my best to promote Asakusa!

    My dream is to appear in a program of the Showten as a virtual talent !!

    Thank you!

    Shironekotei nekosuke

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