STAS revue "Autumn Dance"!
Autumn Dance" 10/19, 20, 21 (Thu-Sat) Asakusa Hana Gekijo
  • Autumn Dance" 10/19 (Thu), 20 (Fri), 21 (Sat) Asakusa Hana Theater (in Hana-Yashiki)

    Autumn Dance" 10/19 (Thu), 20 (Fri), 21 (Sat) Asakusa Hana Theater (in Hana-Yashiki)
    The company is led by SKD (Shochiku Revue) graduates Chidori Senba, Miki Takagi, Kaoru Akashi, and Hinode Gin, and named STAS after the initials of the four members.

    STAS revue Autumn Dance
    Date: October 19 (Thursday), 20 (Friday), 21 (Saturday)
    1st dance from 13:00
    2nd show from 15:30
    3rd show from 19:00 (3rd show from 18:00 on 21st only)
    Place: Asakusa Hana Theater (inside Hanayashiki)
    Ticket: ¥6,000, Student discount ¥4,000

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