Commitment of Asakusa Toriyoshi
  • Commitment chicken soup

    Commitment chicken soup
    【Special collagen soup】
     Simmered free-range chicken bones and flavoured vegetables for 12 hours till the bones crumble to extract collagen.  You can taste this special collagen-rich broth only at our restaurant.

    【Clear soup】
     Our chicken soup made to boil down whole chicken with flavoured vegetables.  Simple, rich and memorable taste.
  • Commitment to chicken and salt

    Commitment to chicken and salt
    [Free-range chicken]
    We use free-range ‘Date Chicken’ raised in an open field or the open poultry house. The meat is soft and the taste is simply good.

     There are various kinds of salt: We use sea salt for seafood, mountain salt for riches of the soil, and rock salt to go well with chicken.
  • Specialty dumpling

    Specialty dumpling
    At TORIYOSHI, we call a skewer commonly referred to as a Tsukune, ‘Dango’.  The reason is that we do not use any binding agent. Our Dango is a simple and good mixture of cartilage, skin, liver, gizzard, thigh, breast and wing. We will bring it to your table, so please enjoy while it is hot. 

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Commitment of Asakusa Toriyoshi

【Special collagen soup】  Simmered free-range chicken bones and flavoured ...

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