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  • Matcha cream anmitsu 630 yen

    Matcha cream anmitsu 630 yen Sweetness Modest bean paste and rich green tea cream. The balance is exquisite. You can choose Tsubu-an or Koshi-an.

  • ■ Specialty spices ■ 0yen

    ■ Specialty spices ■ 0yen From the right. Kyoto Shimizuhararyoukaku Taste and Black seasoning. The seasoning of Asakusa Yagenbori and Nagano Zenkoji Temple of Yawataya.

  • ■ Ice AzukiOre  550yen ■

    ■ Ice AzukiOre 550yen ■ Hokkaido Tokachi Dainagon 100% used A new work that the shop owner invented to make Azuki a Western sweet food specialty!


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    Specialty Yudeazuki 500 yen

    "Yudeazuki" which has been transmitted for over 100 years It is a dish boasting of our shop. Here you go, please eat.

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    Originator Omumaki 650 yen

    A masterpiece whose grandfather wrapped Japanese traditional yakisoba with eggs. It is a menu that lasts more than 100 years.

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    Spaghetti meat sauce 700 yen

    Small noodle spaghetti has a solid texture. It is delicious as a Japanese style taste meat sauce entangled.

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    Pilaf 650 yen

    A beautiful pilaf with coloring. Rice uses Japanese rice. You are happy because miso soup comes along.



430 yen

Orange juice

460 yen

Cream soda

600 yen



460 yen

Cream Anmitsu

Cream,Bean paste & honey

580 yen


460 yen

Egg sandwich

600 yen

Banana parfait

730 yen

Omelette rice

750 yen

Japanese style hamburger steak set

900 yen

DenkiyahallStore details

Store name Denkiyahall
Japanese store name デンキヤホール
Address 〒111-0032 4-20-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access 5 minutes on foot from the Tsukuba Express "Asakusa" station Subway Ginza Line · Subway Asakusa Line · Tobu Sky Tree Line 7 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station.
Phone 03-3875-2987 ※Tell staff that you saw Asakusa Navi
Business hours 9:00~21:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
Average budget

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