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Asakusa View Hotels
Asakusa View Hotels(taito-ku)
Asakusa View Hotels
Access Tsukuba Express Line "Asakusa" Station Directly Connected. 7 minutes on foot from "Tawaramachi" station on the Metro Ginza Line. 10 minutes on foot from the Tobu Skytree Line "Asakusa" station. 10 minutes on foot from the Asakusa station on the Toei Subwa
Business hours
Regular holiday Open every day
Average budget

Asakusa View Hotel offers various services such as restaurants, weddings, banquet halls and conference rooms. At Asakusa View Hotel where you can see Tokyo Sky Tree, please spend the best time remaining in memory.

The tradition of Asakusa and the flowering of modern.
Asakusa tells the old-fashioned beautiful Japanese heart.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter Variety of entertainment is performed lively and vibrant as a stylish city than anywhere in Tokyo.
Asakusa View Hotel cherishes Asakusa 's richness with such a tasteful omotenashi, welcoming customers with hospitality.

  • No rest
  • Close to the station
  • Card payment
  • Male welcome
  • Women welcome
Asakusa Kimono rental "Hanaka"
Access Metro Ginza Line / Toei Asakusa Line · Tobu Sky Tree Line 1 minute walk from "Asakusa Station"
Business hours 9:30~18:00
Regular holiday No rest
Average budget 2 hours 2500 yen ~

Asakusa "Hanaka" is a kimono rental shop.

Asakusa Kimono rental "Hanaka" is produced by professional management hairdresser.

You can taste genuine dressing and hair make up anywhere.

  • No rest
  • Close to the station
  • Male welcome
  • Women welcome
Asakusa Taito Ward Bicycle rental
Asakusa Taito Ward Bicycle rental
Business hours Reception: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm
Regular holiday No rest
Average budget 200 yen for 4 hours

In Taito Ward, we are conducting a rental cycle business, and we use it for many people.

  • No rest
  • Male welcome
  • Women welcome
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